As many of you know, the Science of Happiness (SOH) community joined forces with Sennseis and launched in the Fall of 2015 with the support of Life Reimagined, an innovative initiative at the AARP which has the mission of empowering adults to rethink and rearchitect their lives -- personally and professionally -- with the help of community.  It’s a mission a lot like ours, and it’s no coincidence.  The idea for Sennseis was hatched in consulting work that the team did with Life Reimagined in 2013-2014.  We saw a broad marketing demand for a community learning platform that organizations can use to educate and empower their constituencies, and the AARP’s Life Reimagined and the the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley were the first organizations to help us along the path toward defining that platform.

This week, we’re proud to welcome a first wave of SOH community members coming over directly from Life Reimagined.  With the help of the Life Reimagined engagement team, they were invited earlier this week to check out the great content and conversation that the SOH community has been generating over the last several months.  Among the topics:  applying the learnings of positive psychology to the workplace, coping with the loss of a loved one, enjoying the unexpected joys and perquisites that come with being an empty-nester.  We not only welcome our new community members because the conversations are so relevant.  We see their arrival as a potential turning point for our long-term journey in building a platform for lifelong learning.