Host A Happiness House Party

In 5 easy steps


Step one: Decide on a location. 

  • Suggestion: your home or the home of a friend.

Step two: Invite friends, family, and classmates.

  • Keep your party small and intimate. Any number from three to fifteen is great. Bigger than fifteen, it's hard to manage.
  • Use Sennseis to announce your party, and to invite classmates to join. Use to manage your list, but only if neccessary.
  • Guests do not need to be current students of the course. We are building a community, and the course will live on forever.

Step three: Provide food and beverages.

  • Suggestion: Wine, water, bread & cheese.
  • Don't spend a lot of money. And share the expense, if you can.
  • Be creative.

Step four: Moderate a structured conversation.

  • When starting the conversation, have everyone sit in a semicircle, with you in front serving as moderator.
  • Ask people to take turns answering three questions: (1) who are you and what do you want to do next in your life; (2) what's standing in your way; (3) how can we help you using what we are learning in "The Science of Happiness."
  • Suggestion: use a "talking stick" as a tool to manage the conversation.

Step five: Take photos, take notes, and let us know how it goes.